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A good content marketing strategy is built on a couple of pillars: 

Leveraging your audience’s interests and preferences to create high-quality content that is relevant to them. 

Creating engaging content that is easy to read and share. 

As we’ve covered in the previous article, content must be engaging, so we need to take into account the use of different types of content in order to craft a great content marketing strategy. 

The following list is not exhaustive. It’s simply a starting point for content marketers looking to develop a content strategy. 


Content is the most important aspect of a content marketing strategy. 

That’s why content creation is so important. 

A great content creation strategy starts with brainstorming and creating content ideas. 

In the next article, we’ll dive deeper into using a content marketing strategy and sharing content with your audience. 

Content Marketing Tools 

Content marketing tools are tools that help you create and publish content. 

You can use several tools to help you create content, including: 

Content Management System (CMS) 

Content marketing tools also come in different flavors. 

Here’s a collection of some of the most common tools you’ll find on the market: 

Content marketing tools come with different options. When you’re creating content, you’ll get to choose the right tool for the job. 

Here are some simple guidelines to help you choose the right tool for your content marketing strategy: 

Content marketing tools can work in tandem with each other to help you create more content. If you’re creating content for a blog, you can use a content management system to help you create it. 

If you’re creating content for a website, you can use a content marketing tool to help generate traffic to your website. 

There are other tools that have their own features and functions. For example, you can use a content marketing tool to create an email list, or create a blog post to share.