The best way to generate more returning visitors to your site is to have a blog. Blogging is an excellent way to communicate with people who share similar interests and passions. It's also another great way to get new subscribers, as you can reach out to the readers of your blog through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Below are some tips that will help you increase traffic to your blog:

1. Focus on keywords relevant to your blog topic

Every time you write a post, whether it be about a new recipe for dinner or a popular movie title, make sure you focus on one keyword related to what you're writing about. You should research different keywords in Google AdWords and see if there are any others that might be related to this particular topic.

2. Use social media links

Another great way to increase traffic to your blog is to use social media links. In other words, link back to your

post from either Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts. This could be something as simple as including a photo below your blog post or linking to a previous blog post.

3. Add a picture/video

Adding a photo or video to your blog post is always a good idea. It shows off how much effort you put into making your blog unique and interesting. If you want to draw attention to yourself, then add a photo or video showing off your latest creations.

4. Engage with your audience

If you already have a loyal following, chances are they would love to hear from you. You can talk to them by sharing their comments directly on your blog posts. They don't need to read all those long text messages anymore!

5. Guest blogging

Guest blogging allows you to interact with bloggers who enjoy talking about topics that interest you. There are several ways to do so; just check out this article here.

6. Create a podcast

Do you have an idea for a new product or service? Write it up in the form of a podcast episode. This will allow you to communicate with your audience while getting exposure through multiple platforms.

7. Make a YouTube video

YouTube is another place where you can get real-time exposure thanks to the addition of video uploads. All you need to do is create a video demonstrating what you plan to share via your blog. The more people see it, the better chance there is of having enough viewers to help drive traffic to your blog.

8. Host a contest

A contest is also a great way to promote your blog when you know someone who has similar interests as yours.

9. Write an eBook

An eBook is simply a book written in which case any reader can download it and read it at his/her convenience.

10. Add Content delivering keyword targeted traffic

In addition to making your website look good, if you want to increase your blog's traffic, you need to know what keywords/keyphrases bring users to your site.

Digital marketers tend to focus on attracting new customers to a business because they measure success by the number of new clicks they managed to drive to a site.

Yet, returning customers are much more important to a business than first-time visitors. In fact, it costs 5x more to acquire new customers than it does to retain current ones and improving customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by 25–95%.

But there's more to it:

In most cases, driving people back to your site is either cheaper than generating new clicks or even free.

Returning visitors are more likely to buy from you: Those who return to your site feel more confident navigating around and they may even know what they came back for.

Returning customers may drive more sales by recommending your business to their friends.

In other words, returning customers buy more and yet require much lower marketing budgets:

There are a few well-covered ways to grow your returning website traffic, which you are likely doing already, such as:

Remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, i.e. reaching out to your site's previous visitors on social media with a custom advertising campaign by using Facebook's tracking pixel

Email marketing automation, i.e. using advanced email marketing platforms to set up workflows that automatically send email messages based on your site users' actions, like subscribing to a newsletter, clicking a link, abandoning a cart, etc.

Building relationships with your returning customers has lots of benefits, including more sales and increased brand loyalty. In many cases, driving those past visitors back to your site is free, so there's no reason for neglecting this idea!