In the world of startups technicalities tend to consume a large proportion of time and budget, leaving digital marketing to when it's already too late. Objectives will hardly be achieved if a start-up is not able to communicate its message and value proposition to their target audience effectively.

The need for a unique way of communicating your company's story or vision can become more pressing in an era where everyone is looking for new ways to create content that matters most. The Internet has made it easier than ever before to reach audiences who might never have considered following companies on social media but may be influenced by online campaigns they saw elsewhere.

With so many available options for engaging with customers, it becomes increasingly critical to understand what works best for your brand.

As per recent research, consumers spend approximately 80% of their time on mobile devices, which means that brands must pay special attention to how they engage with existing and potential customers.

To help you with your digital marketing strategy, we have put together this collection of 10 creative and practical tips for making your startup stand out from the crowd:

1. Start with an inspiring story

A good story can get you noticed in no time – one that allows people to see themselves in your business or product through your own eyes. Here are some ideas on how to build such a story:

The fact that you started small as a side project might work well here. If so, make sure there is also room for a second "startup" at the end of the story (e.g. a micro-business).

2. Make your pitch personal

Your brand personality should speak for itself. A good example would be "I am an entrepreneur who lives by the motto 'make life more fun than boring'".

3. Be consistent throughout all channels

This means having a consistent message across all media formats (website, blog, newsletter, social media etc.).

4. Use data to your advantage

Data about market size, demographics, location, customer behavior, etc. can add value to your content material.

5. Personalize it

It is important to customize different pieces of your copy depending on each person's behaviour. For example, if someone wants to receive only emails but not newsletters then you could send them separate messages based on their preferences.

6. Give feedback

There may be times when you need to give valuable feedback to your users. This can save you both time and money.

7. Focus on the right things

You do not want to neglect the basics - like promoting your products/services, developing your brand, taking care of your customers, getting repeat sales, etc.

8. Don't forget to test every single piece of information

If you don't test your customers, then you will be missing out on an opportunity to improve customer experience and sales.

9. Keep your marketing strategy simple

You must understand the big picture in order to make it easier for your customers to understand how they can benefit from your product or service.

10. Create a clear and concise content marketing plan

Create a step-by-step plan that includes all the elements that are essential to vesting new customers into your company.

Achieving your startup's objective or goal can be an art as well as a science. In fact, communication with your target customers should be one of the most important objectives for your business. It also helps to understand what type of people want to buy your product and how you can make them happy.

There are various ways in which you can achieve this – by using social media, email marketing, traditional advertising, word of mouth, and other sources of promotion online. The point is that there are so many methods available to get your message across without spending much money.

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