To stay relevant, you need to create content, ideally personalised to each of your target audiences and at scale. No matter what's your business, whether you're running a digital marketing agency, you're a SEO expert or an indie hacker with a blog, you need content. But how to do it and not spend massive amount of time and money on constant stream of texts? Generate content with AI.

In this tutorial, we'll show you a couple of amazing things which you can do with Contentyze when it comes to Content Marketing Automation:

  1. How to draft new articles from headlines;
  2. How to generate 20 articles at once;
  3. How to summarise and rewrite existing articles.

Step 1: Generate a marketing text from a headline

For the purpose of this tutorial, let's say you're running a blog about technology for general audience where you explain various technological terms in simple English. You want to write a text about Artificial Intelligence.

You look at Ahrefs to check what people are searching for and you find that the top 5 search questions for Artificial Intelligence are:

  • what is artificial intelligence
  • how artificial intelligence works
  • how does artificial intelligence work
  • why artificial intelligence is good
  • how to make artificial intelligence

This is a good start. You want to use them as your headlines for the article about Artificial Intelligence.

We can now go to enter the Editor and use the first headline as a prompt (the input text). We modify it a little bit to "What is artificial intelligence?" in order to be a proper English sentence as it will make the generated text better. The algorithms draft a text based on what you input, so the more coherent text you put it, the better quality text you'll receive.

We want to generate a short text based on a headline so we choose Short Text on the right. This will make the generation process faster and we will get a text of up to 250 words. The model is by default chosen to be General, which is used for any kind of text generation based on a headline (prompt). We will discuss other models below (Amazon, Rewrite, Summary).

For now you should see this:


Now we're ready to generate. Simply click on Generate button and wait - it can take up to 2 minutes to generate a text.

We've got the following text below in the text field.


This text would be a good start for a longer piece on Artificial Intelligence or can be used as is for a shorter piece.

Important Note: Generated texts are not always 100% correct nor make sense. You should always double check them before publishing.

Tip 1: Sometimes the quality might be improved if you change a headline a bit to something more concrete - questions like the one above work great.

Tip 2: You can click on Generate even if there's a text in a text editor. The newly generated piece will be simply added to the bottom of the text and you can continue to edit the entire piece within editor. This makes Contentyze into a great tool for copywriters and bloggers.

Step 2: Generate Multiple Texts at once

Let's now imagine that you have prepared headlines you want to test, but you don't want to manually enter each to one. The solution here is to use Bulk Writer on Contentyze.

Simply click on Bulk Writer on the left panel and you'll see this screen:


Now, just like in Editor, you can choose a model from General, Amazon, Rewrite, Summary. We will go again with General and choose Short Text to generate short texts from headlines.

This time we prepare a .txt file with 5 lines - each line being a different headline:


As you can see, we have taken the 5 headlines we started with and corrected them a bit to make it easier for algorithms to use.

We can now click on the big button "Import file with data" and choose our .txt file, which we called ai-5.txt - you should see this screen:


You're ready to go! Click on Generate and the whole generation process starts.

After it's finished, which can take even multiple hours if you've entered 20 prompts, you will see this screen:


and if you click on Download you will download a .zip file with all the generated texts, ready to use!

One final remark, you don't have to keep the browser open when it generates text in the Bulk Writer. If you change tabs and come later on you can always access is by going to Bulk Writer again and seeing your new texts under Active Tasks (if unfinished) or My Zips (if finished and ready to be downloaded).

Step 3: Rewrite and Summarise existing articles

Finally, let's discuss how you can reuse your old texts. On Contentyze we have two models which can be used to either rewrite or summarise and they both come as either:

  • abstract
  • extract

What that means is: the extract model only uses the sentences from the original text, trying to make it shorter. On the other hand the abstract model tries to be as original with words as possible.

Abstract Summary is especially good if you want to generate social media headlines for your articles to post them on your channels.

To illustrate how summarisation works we go again to Editor, choose Summary on Top and then choose Abstract on the right in Features. Now you can enter either a longer text in a box or a link to an article. We remark that:

  • multiple languages works, in particular English, French, Italian, German.
  • not all websites work due to anti-robots policy. In this case you will see an error and you'll need to copy the text manually.

In our example we look at a Techradar article about Asus phone. We enter the link to it in the prompt field, so all in all we can see the following on Contentyze:


Now let's click on Generate button. After couple of seconds or minutes (depending on the lenght of the text) you'll receive a summary in a box down below. In our case we've got:


which is a great summary of the article we've submitted.

Feel free to experiment yourself with the above link and other articles.

Try Summary Extract to understand a difference between Abstractive and Extractive Summarisation.

Also Try a Rewrite function to see how text changes.

Let us know you feedback!

We're constantly improving Contentyze to make it easier to use and to make it produce better texts faster.


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