The best way to grow your audience is to talk to people and to find out what kind of content they need.

And if you can't figure out how to do that, then you're not going to be able to build your audience.

So to grow your audience, you have to talk to people. You have to find people who are passionate about the content you're writing. And they have to be willing to pay for it.

So one of the things I like to do, which is more of a financial model, is I always ask people to subscribe to my magazine.

So I'll send them an email and say, "Hey, I'm really excited about this story. I have a lot of cool things to say about it. If you like it, I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to my blog."

And if they do, then I can have them sign up to the newsletter. And then, over time, I can make them a premium subscriber.

When they do that, I'll see if I can get them to make a pledge or something, and then I can build up a relationship with them. And then over time, I can convert them into a subscriber.

You have to build up a relationship with people. That's the way you would build a community.

A good community is one that you know and love and that you feel like you're part of.

And you want to make sure that you're part of that community because it's going to be the best community for you. It's going to be a community that you're going to want to be part of.