In the web industry, we have a few things going for us. We have a wide audience and we're big enough to spread ourselves. But we also have a very small amount of resources. Often, when we're thinking about creating a viral video, we're thinking about the sites that we have leverage on. We might have 400,000 unique visitors per month, and we only have a few months of exposure. We might have a million people on our site, but only a couple of months of video exposure. We're looking at a situation where there's a lot of room for error.

So, how do we make something go viral?

We're so focused on videos right now, that we can't focus on the content. We want to create something that's different. We're making a product that is different from everything else out there. That's why we're using YouTube. We're using a platform that's super accessible.

Are there any rules you follow when you create a viral video?

We try to keep our videos short and sweet. If we're trying to go viral, we want to get it out there as quickly as possible. We also want to make sure that we're not using any copyrighted content in our videos. We don't want to ruin the viral video for anyone else.

What are some of the most viral videos you've seen?

I'm really crazy about all this stuff. I think that the most viral videos are ones that are really really funny, or really insightful, or really really thought-provoking, and are really interesting to the audience.

How do you think YouTube is helping you?

YouTube has really opened up the platform to this new audience. We're able to reach a lot of people that we would never have been able to reach before. When people come to our channel, they're often surprised at how much we know. What we have to do is let people know that we know a lot about these topics, and that we want to share with them.

What's your favorite viral video?

My favorite viral video was the Russian version of the Oscars. I actually think that was the most viral video ever. I'm not saying that anyone's ever going to win an Oscar, but I think that was the most viral thing ever. And the reason why that was so viral is because it had a lot of people saying, "I can't believe that it's not a real award." It was so funny.

What's your favorite type of viral video?

We're working on an idea that is really crazy. We've been working on a concept, and we've had ideas for a while, but we've never had a concept that was so crazy and so specific to that concept. We have a lot of ideas like that, but we've never had a concept that was so specific to that concept.