How to dominate SEO (search engine optimization) and the best practices that you should implement in order to increase your search engine ranking.

This article is about dominating SEO which will help you know about the best practices that you should implement in order to have better rankings for your website or blog.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it's basically about optimizing your website so that when people type keywords related to your content they can find them easily without having to do any additional research.

So, if you want to rank higher in Google than others then you need to make sure that all your content is unique, relevant and has good quality. And also remember that there are some other factors like backlinks, social shares, and even viral links that may play an important role in increasing your traffic but don't forget that one of the most important things is to write high quality content because it's not just about the words written here either! Google is always looking for new ways to improve their search ranking algorithm (also known as SEO).

One of these latest updates is the introduction of Panda which means that Google now looks at the whole web page instead of just the text on a page. So yes, this means that sometimes pages will be penalized due to poor language or grammatically incorrect wording. The penalties are less serious compared to the ones from the past such as Penguin update where Google looked at the entire site and decided whether something was harmful or not. If you have a blog, you should set aside 5 minutes to read the article and get tips on how to increase your blog traffic.

You can use a combination of techniques to achieve better results:

  1. Include keywords in your title tag

  2. Use keywords in your post headlines

  3. Write for your readers rather than trying to "sell" your product/service

  4. Write for your reader first before you write for yourself

Keyword research can be done manually or with the use of software tools such as Google's AdWords Keywords Toolkit which allows you to target keywords for your search engine ads.

A common way to increase the number of visitors to your website is to create a blog on your website. Blogs are written in a natural language style so that they have a conversational tone similar to written messages from a real person.

Google analytics track all the actions taken by any visitor to your website including visits, clicks, and conversions. This information is important because it gives you insight into how many people visited your site and what type of traffic was generated.

Web design is also a big help in achieving good rankings. It's an art form where everything is combined to create something visually appealing; but more than just beautiful artwork this is also about creating a web page that is engaging enough to take their time to read through.

But lastly this is the thing we want you to remember most: Write articles that deliver original content and are full of valuable information. Don't be afraid to experiment with different topics. You can easily create blog posts by using the basic tools available on WordPress and be well on the way on your journey to higher rankings.